I want to take the opportunity to introduce my colleague Chip Henriss.  Chip has recently started his own e-newsletter communications business called Blogmachine.  You can find out all about it here.  What they do at Blogmachine is provide interactive e-news solutions and services to your business or community organisation. Did you know some organisation spend thousands of dollars on in-house news letters that could be outsourced at a fraction of the cost?

Chip started his career as a journalist in Queensland and developed his public relations skills as an officer in the Australian Army where he served in the Australian Army Public Relations Service (AAPRS).

Since leaving the Army in 2001 he has worked in government, NGO and corporate sectors. Chip has a wealth of experience to help you deliver the right messages to the people you want to reach.

This is the perfect service for any small business. You can contact Chip on 0408 039 711 or email:  He’s not a bad guy either!


~ by Shae on September 4, 2009.

One Response to “Blogmachine”

  1. Hi Shae,
    I’m loving your blog! I am on that same personal development journey and my overall life is sooooo much more happy and fun and just loving life for what it is. I have immersed myself in a community of like-minded people and my life has and will never be the same. Keep up with all that you do because when your passionate about whatever it is in your life – nobody can stop you. I know that now and I know my desires for me and my family. Nobody will stop me. I’ve added my blog page – lets keep connected. Have a great day Shae,
    Regards, Sharon Whyte

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