We are never happy as we think, nor as happy as we hope

“Why is that some people are just not happy anymore?  Is it because we expect too much of ourselves, people expect too much of us or is it because we have become so engrained in our jobs that we do not take the time to “smell the roses anymore”? But what not many people know is that we can be happy.  Every single person can create the life they desire by applying the Law of Attraction.  By directing your thoughts to think only about those things that you do want to exist in your life, happiness need not only be a dream, but a certain reality.  You can create the life you want by deliberately choosing your thoughts.  The more you visualise and focus on the things you most desire in your life, the stronger and more powerful the positive vibrations you send out to the universe.  Happiness is a journey, not a destination”.

Hmm, sounds simple doesn’t it? Then why is it so damn hard?  That was a piece of writing I created for my writing class recently.  I was provided the topic (which is the title of the post) and I had to write about it in a few lines.  The reason I am sharing this is because I have a personal interest in the Law of Attraction and other universal laws.  Some of you probably reading are probably thinking this is all a bit of a wank however I dare to challenge those people into thinking differently.  After all,  it was this sort of observation that formed the starting point for the Buddha’s famous teaching from the Dhammapada:

“Experiences are preceded by mind, led by mind, and produced by mind. If one speaks or acts with an impure mind, suffering follows even as the cart-wheel follows the hoof of the ox. … If one speaks or acts with a pure mind, happiness follows like a shadow that never departs.” 1

Since Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret movie and book came into our  lives in 2006, it appears the world has been riding the wave of a new revolution.  As I stated for my writing class, the Law of Attraction says we create our worlds through our thoughts and that like attracts like.  In summary, by deliberately choosing only positive thoughts, you can create the life of your dreams.  My friend Wendy told me about this book called The Secret in 2007 and I, like everyone else, became totally enthralled with the concept. This has led me to investigate the subject further and I have since read many other books about the Law of Attraction, most notably by Jerry and Esther Hicks, which some of you may have heard of.  They are considered to be the forefathers of the Law of Attraction and where it all really started.

One of the ways in which to practice and apply the Law of Attraction is to develop a visual board.  I created mine a few months ago.  A visual board is a constant reminder of the things that you want to have manifested in your life.  So I cut out pictures from magazines and my board shows images of have houses, cars, people, money, relationships, and places.  I have it hanging up on my bedroom wall where I see it everyday when I go to bed and wake up in the morning and meditate on these things.

Visual Boards serve as a powerful motivational tool.  It is a constant reminder that there are things out there that will be in your life and it motivates you to go out there and do the things that you have to do to bring them into your life.  I can’t say I have manifested my perfect guy just yet but I have no doubt it will happen.  But all in all, my life is great and I try to live for each moment of the day.

Does anyone else out there have experiences they would like to share regarding the Law of Attraction? Who else has a visual board? Does anyone think it is a load of bollocks and we have all been sucked in by clever marketing?  This will be a topic I will talk about from time to time and I would be very interested to hear other people’s points of view.

1. The Dhammapada, chapter 1, verses 1 and 2. Translation by Sangharakshita, available for free download at http://www.sangharakshita.org.

~ by Shae on September 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “We are never happy as we think, nor as happy as we hope”

  1. Thanks Shae for writing down your thoughts. I have my vision sketchpad, which I first created in 2006 and it has travelled with me from London to Melbourne. Its been a very powerful tool for me – helped me manifest my job, my home, my new look. Recently I got it out again as I have embarked on a new journey, but realised I didn’t have anything concrete to prompt me to visualise, feel and think about my goals. When I looked at the pad the pages were empty and perfect for me to start working on articulating my vision for the next three years. I am looking forward to a quiet holiday being, my sketchpad and coloured pens and letting the ideas grow and flow.

  2. Hmm, think I will have a search for the books about Law of Attraction. I have been reading “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s main purpose is to bring about a shift in consciousness, that is to say “AWAKEN”. WE all have the POWER to make a difference; a new EARTH begins with a new you! Tolle provides a spiritual framework for people to move themselves in order to make this world a better place – to happiness and health.
    Its certainly a journey Shae, not a destination! This book is worth a read, but I must admit I have not completed it yet, but so far I am enjoying it and is very much aligned to your comments about how thoughts can create who you think you are or who you aspire to be or who other people perceive you to be as well as whether you choose to see things in positive or negative ways and how this shapes you as a person or how your life evolves.
    I am not very good at visualistion and I think that is because I am a little ‘lost’ in terms of exactly what it is that I want in life, my goals, my aspirations etc. hence hard to visualise if you do not know what it is you are meant to be visualising. Am I making any sense? I am only guessing that a lot of people would struggle with this, hence hard to manifest.
    I shall share more as I read further 🙂

  3. Here are a couple of quotes to ponder that seem quite relevant here:

    People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within – Romana L. Anderson.

    Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential. They experience synergy only in small, peripheral ways in their lives. But creative experiences can be produced regularly, consistently, almost daily in people’s lives. It requires enormous personal security and openness and a spirit of adventure – Stephen Covey.

  4. Not sure why, but I had a hard time reading The Power of Now and a New Earth. I kept telling myself that if Oprah found this meaningful, so should I. Also bothered that Jim Carey got the concept in ten pages. Found it easier to listen to Eckhart on audio books.
    Also have read The Secret (found it easier to watch the DVD) and books by the Hicks (the cynic in me does not believe in channeling, seems hokey. Another DVD worth watching in this vein is What the bleep do we know anyway….
    All this being said, I absolutely agree that like attracts like, but still not sure I “get it”. Kind of like an orgasm, I think I’m trying too hard.
    I think that a lot of these contemporary books are rooted in Buddhism which I do get.
    I think it is the Law of Attraction in its purest form.

    • Firstly, thankyou to everyone who has commented so far. It is really great. You are not the first to say that you found The Power of Now a hard read. I have not read this myself however I do know of other people who have attempted it but have also had difficulty reading the whole book. As for your comments about Abraham, I totally agree. As much as I enjoy the concept of the Law of Attraction, I also have difficulty accepting the whole channeling thing and the skeptic in me can’t quite take it at face value. Still, I try to remain open about it and apply the knowledge they teach.

  5. Hi Shae,
    You have inspired me. I will have to start one. I could have favorite receipes, handy hints, life lessons etc. Oh what an interesting sight that would be.
    I was interested to read about your family history. Your heritage always can be used to inspire you for the present and my saying is “out of everything bad, you can find something good”. That’s if you have had one of those family’s.
    If your interested I can pass on my receipe for bath bombs and bath crystals you can package these for any occasion and the added benefit is low cost and as I always say the main ingredient is “made with love”.
    See what you’ve started, I can right for hours and hours. Lucky you know me isn’t it.
    I also read your love of sea food or is it see food. Sorry had too much sugar and gone into funny mode.
    Glad I have finally read your blog and replied, probably not, too bad. No you know I mean no harm just being positive and trying to make you laugh as you read this.
    If this gets posted, enjoy reading Shae’s thoughts and always find the positive out of your day. AND SMILE.
    sending loving thoughts, Bronie

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