Man becomes what he thinks about

I love the Law of Attraction concept yes I really do. I think it is a fantastic philosophy and way to live your life by.  But I have trouble believing it sometimes.  Or I should say applying it into my every day life. Take this quote for example:

“Trying too hard IS resisting… for this reason — think about this — if you decide that you want to go to the grocery store and buy a quart of milk, do you ever find yourself trying too hard? Or do you just go get it?

And the reason you just go get it is because you have absolute knowledge – you KNOW. You know you have the ability to go, you know you have the money in your purse, you know the milk will be there when you get there. In other words, there is no doubt and so there is no trying against anything. And so whenever you’re trying too hard, what is happening is there is a part of you that is not believing that it can be.”

Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape G-8/22/90

When I read this I think I am always trying way too hard.  There are a so many different things I want to do and achieve in my life that I am constantly trying to control all the time.  I feel like I always have to hurry things along, for example, to read this book, to read that book  (I have about 30 in waiting), to start investing, to learn as many new skills as I can to further my career, to squeeze in as many different things as I possibly can into my day and the list goes on.

Someone said to me last week that I need to read my own blog! I had the most stressful week at work and I was doing everything opposite to what the Law of Attraction states. The sad thing is I often catch myself out.

I don’t know how many times I read all this wonderful information and then when I get back into the real world it is almost like I ignore what I read.  I would settle into my bed, lamp on, book in hand and I would read a couple of chapters.  Depending on what it is I am reading, I would feel inspired and before falling asleep, I would visualise how I would like the next day to go or certain things I would  like to manifest into my life.  But when I wake up the next morning, it’s a quick shower, breakfast and before I know it, I am back at work and it’s back to the grind.

Reading all this great knowledge is one thing but applying it into your life is another.  I am not trying to make excuses but I guess we are only human. I was recently scrolling through the Law of Attraction page I subscribe to on facebook and I found this quote that appeared on the page:

“Man becomes what he thinks about” – Morris Goodman

I believe this statement is valid and I have heard this many times before.  However what I find difficult sometimes is that it is hard to fight the actual feelings behind the thoughts.  It is quite easy to change a thought but harder to change the feeling that feeds and therefore creates the thought. This is my challenge. But the trick is to be mindful of every moment, of every breath because when you say it is hard to change your feelings, then it becomes hard and you are no longer mindful because the negative feelings cloud your vision.

Who else out there lives their life (or tries to) by the Law of Attraction concept and if so, do you find this an easy process or is it sometimes a struggle, like it is for me? Or who believes that the mere fact that I am writing and discussing this topic will mean that I will be attracting more “like” situations into my life and that it will continue to be a struggle for me? OK don’t be shy, over to you…

~ by Shae on October 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Man becomes what he thinks about”

  1. Hi Shae,
    Like must attract like because here I am responding and I struggle exactly the same way. Presently rereading Stuart Wilde’s Life was never meant to be a struggle…maybe that will cure me!

  2. The reason it feels so hard it because in actual fact…. there is nothing easier! We struggle with the fact that it is so simple, we don’t comprehend it because we have become acustomed to overcomplicating things. We grew up being told, “Life’s not meant to be easy” and various other analogies which are not necessarily true however they become our truth just as they became our parents truth and so forth. Take for example some friends I have at uni. We were all studying for an exam, we all passed the exam however on completing it, they commented that there were a couple of questions that just seemed too easy so they gave a complex answer and ended up getting the answer wrong. The truth is, they knew the correct answer but could not accept that the question could possibly be that easy because they had a preconceived EXPECTATION that it should be hard! Too much thought was placed into it and consequently they answered incorrectly. We do this in life EVERY day.

    If we take out the ‘thinking’ part and just live, it becomes a breeze. The key to finding out how to do that is all in your ‘awareness’. Being aware of what you are thinking allows you to identify whether the thought is coming from a place of how you really feel or whether it is coming from a place of ego or learned behaviour. Once you begin to identify between the two, your actions come from a place that feels INSPIRED rather than from a place that feels like you SHOULD! If you ever feel like you SHOULD, then you need to reassess where those thoughts and feelings are really coming from. Man can achieve anything when the desire comes from a place that is INSPIRED. Inspired action is that which you feel compelled to do. The thought of taking that action fills you with joy and positive feelings towards your action such as excitement. When you are dreading having to do something because you feel you SHOULD, you need to stop. Reassess the situation and ask yourself if it is what you REALLY want.

    So basically, stop making it so hard for yourself. Decide how you want your life to be, ask for it, then believe that is the way your life is as of NOW! Wake up each day only taking action when feeling inspired to do so. I guarantee you if you conduct yourself in this way (which is effectively handing control over to the universe), things will literally fall in your lap. Then you have the challenge of not jepordising it because you feel it came too easy. Just accept that it really is that easy and that you don’t need to do ANYTHING other than ask and believe then live with feelings of love and joy.

    So people, just RELAX and love each day because each day is a gift and every time you try to CONTROL your desires, you push them away. I know we all want things yesterday, but the more you trust and believe, the sooner you will receive!

    Live life, dream big and trust!


  3. Hi Shae,

    Let me share with you one of my experiences of the law of attraction in action.

    Recently, the stress of year 12 was so physically demanding, that I desperately wanted to get a massage by Kerrie Foster (who, ironically, introduced me to the law of attraction) to relax. I called to make an appointment ASAP, but with such short notice, the limited hours that she works, and her popularity, she was completely booked out for months. I put my name on the waiting list, but being 19th, one might say that I had little hope of getting in anytime during the next couple of weeks, but I was persistent to get an appointment. The next morning, someone made a cancellation and I got a call to see if I wanted a 9:00am appointment (which suited me down to the ground). The other 18 people on the list either didn’t answer their phones, or couldn’t make it at that particular time, so number 19 got the appointment.

    I would love to tell you that I live by the law of attraction in my everyday life, but the truth is that I don’t know how. I didn’t even realise it applied to this experience I have described to you until after it happened. The reason I like this story though, is that it displays the 3 rules of the law of attraction (1. ASK 2. BELIEVE 3. RECEIVE) clearly, and that proves to me that it CAN be lived by in my everyday life. I’m working on it.

    Brittany Lawler.

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