The Bride in the Red Dress

The bride in red and yours truly

I have been looking forward to writing this post for sometime.  You see, my dear friend Heidi got married on Saturday and it wasn’t exactly most traditional. Heidi walked down the aisle in a stunning, bright red dress.  Not only that, she got married at a zoo! She has talked about getting married in a red dress for years as she has always had an affinity with the colour red.  No one could imagine Heidi getting married in a traditional white wedding gown or any other colour for that matter.  Even so, I didn’t know quite what to expect before she came down the aisle, although she had shown me the colour and the material quite a few months before.  Still, I could not imagine her or anyone else wearing such a bright red gown.  But when Heidi appeared out of the car and proceeded to walk down the footpath aisle with her father, I thought she looked stunning and everybody was in awe of this beautiful bride wearing the red dress!

It appears Heidi isn’t the only bride that is choosing to get hitched in an unconventional style.  Coloured wedding gowns are becoming more popular these days although the more traditional white gowns are still more general. Before, it used to be just the bridesmaids who wore coloured gowns but now, the more daring and modern brides opt to convey themselves and wear the colours that they like most. This is exactly what Heidi chose to do.

The coloured wedding gown created an impressive wedding. By putting on a red wedding dress instead of a white dress, Heidi has added a little extra flair to her wedding.

The colour coordination with the flowers and bridal party was very pictorial and I am sure both Heidi and her new husband will have some fantastic photos to treasure.

White Just Wasn’t Heidi’s Thing

Historically, the white wedding dress has been used since the Victorian period in history to symbolise the bride’s chastity when marrying. Over the centuries, the use of the white wedding dress continued in popularity, but for the most part, lost much of its symbolic meaning.

Heidi had chosen to embrace a colour that reflects her and her husband’s tastes and personality.  The red wedding dress was outright sexy and attractive.  It certainly made for an unforgettable wedding.

~ by Shae on November 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Bride in the Red Dress”

  1. Congratulations to Heidi! She looks fantastic. Its definately a sign of the times changing but its a little sad to theres just something about traditional white and some things shouldnt change.


    PS Shae you looked great to.

  2. Thanks Shae for the article. With my pale skin white just didn’t do much for me. Red looked heaps better on.

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