I love the month of December.  It is the first day of summer for those of us who live in Australia, which means the barbecues will start and it’s also at the beginning of this month where you can now officially put the Christmas decorations up.  I LOVE Christmas! If I had my way I would quite happily live my days in a Christmas fantasy world just like in the movie The Santa Clause complete with elves, fairies and reindeer’s.  Maybe I am just a big kid at heart but I have always been envious of those who are fortunate to have a white Christmas every year.  There seems to be something whimsical and magical about it.  Of course I am used to having Christmas in summer but even after all my years travelling abroad I never got to experience a white Christmas.  The ones I experienced were just very, very cold and wet but cold like I have never experienced before.

I guess I have been lucky where I grew up in a family that embraced all the traditions – Christmas, Easter, birthdays, even the tooth fairy.  Many families do of course but there are a lot who don’t or who can’t afford to.  People who say they hate Christmas annoy me.  It is usually for the lamest excuses such as ‘I hate the crowds’, ‘it’s too commercial’ or ‘I can’t stand listening to Christmas music’.  There are always grinches I suppose but I just ignore them.  Yes the music and the sales pitches can be a little corny and predictable but the atmosphere around Christmas time more than makes up for it.

So it’s time to dust the cob webs, spring clean the unit and get those decorations out.  Leave the grinches to do what they do best – moaning and complaining to anyone who cares to listen.  Christmas has arrived and I am going to make the most of this wonderful silly, festive season and enjoy every minute of it.  I hope you do too!


~ by Shae on December 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER”

  1. I love Christmas too!!! yeah Happy First Day of December!!! and it was a winter wonderland when we got up this morning – thick frost everywhere and extremley cold, not sure on the predictions for a white Christmas in our part of the UK but will keep you informaed xx

  2. Hi Shaeb-be, I love Chrissy too, there’s something in the air when this time of year comes around. We usually get a real chrissy tree, I love the smell of Christmas 🙂 and love having children around at Chrissy time they get soooo excited. Truely a fun time of year. xox

  3. I agree with all of you. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and it’s the one time of the year we should all embrace and saviour. BRING ON CHRISTMAS!!!

  4. I LOOOOOVVVEEE christmas! I even love the corny chrissy carols and most of all, I love watching Carols by Candlelight on Christmas eve. It has always been my favourite thing.

  5. Hey Shae – LOVE Xmas too hone but must admit it is the time when I feel most homesick 😦 Should not be hot at Xmas but I am sure I will embrace the Aussie Xmas with a Scottish tradition of a wee dram or two! My family have resigned ourselves to buying for the kids only and the adults just enjoy watching them get all excited. We also endulge on great food, wine and company. One tradition that I really miss is on Xmas eve we used to get to open a pressie – new pyjamas and slippers. We went to bed all fresh for Santa 🙂

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