90 is the golden age

My grandmother turned 90 last week! What a feat and accomplishment I say.  I am proud to say that both my grandmothers made it to the age of 9o and one is still going very strong.

Celebrating our grandmother's 90th birthday

When you turn 90 years old, you could be forgiven for wanting to take things easy, but this isn’t the case for my grandmother.  Nanny Baxter, as she is affectionately known, is still living independently in a two bedroom unit, does her own grocery shopping, walks across the road where she shouldn’t and is as stubborn as a mule (to the dismay of my poor mother). She has survived breast cancer twice, the passing of her husband and has had numerous falls both in private and public, one can only wonder how she hasn’t managed to break a single bone.

She eats in the dark, won’t turn the heater on when it is freezing cold, recycles teabags and still eats with the same cutlery she bought over 40 years ago. Yep, my nan is what you would call frugal to say the least but then I guess that is a common trait for people of her generation.

After celebrating her birthday on the weekend with friends and family, I asked her what her secret is to reaching the big 90.  She said “it’s looking after myself and having three meals per day”. So there you have it folks, that’s the key to living longer.

So here’s to my nan and I reckon at the rate she is going, she is well on her way to reaching 100. Let’s hope so anyway.


~ by Shae on December 13, 2009.

One Response to “90 is the golden age”

  1. Congratulations Nanny Baxter. It’s good to hear she is head strong and does what she wants. Surviving cancer twice is no mean feat either very admirable woman.

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