New year, new beginnings…

Happy New Year!

2010 has arrived.

As with the beginning of any New Year, many people have been busy creating New Year resolutions. As I was driving home on New Years Day, there was a segment on a radio show about the different types of resolutions people make at the beginning of a new year. In particular, the radio show highlighted the most common New Year’s resolution, which is to lose weight and kick start a fitness regime. According to the show, Australians will spend $200 million on fad diets, personal trainers, gym memberships, so-called magic fat loss potions and other such methods, which to trim the waistline just in January alone! I find this absolutely staggering.

I certainly have ended up eating my share of good food and wine over the Christmas period. There is never any shortage of food and alcohol in our household as both Christmas and New Year’s is celebrated with gusto. As I dig into eating another two Tim Tams and a cup of tea while writing this, I can almost feel the fat latching onto my waistline and hips. I had good intentions to go for a run every day while I was home on annual leave, and while I managed to go for a couple of runs, for the most part, my holiday was sedate and I was a little worried that I would not fit into my work pants when I returned to work.

In the past I have never developed New Year resolutions however this year I have written affirmations and declarations. I don’t really consider them to be resolutions because these affirmations are more long-term. And while they do not wholly focus on losing the inches from my waistline, I do plan on fitting back into a very expensive, beautiful blue dress I wore at my birthday party a few years ago, which I have only ever worn once. It makes me sick to look at this dress hanging in my wardrobe knowing I spent such a ridiculous amount of money, having only worn it one time. But I am so determined to fit into this dress again, I visualise myself wearing it.

According to a news article on the ABC website, the most popular New Year’s resolutions are to:

1. Lose weight

2. Pay off the credit card

3. Quit smoking

4. Donate to charity

5. Keep a diary

6. Learn something new

7. Join a gym

8. Get a promotion

9. Be more courteous

10. Drink less alcohol

I would love to hear what crazy and wacky New Year resolutions you have made both past and present. Do you believe in making them? Have you ever stuck to them?

~ by Shae on January 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “New year, new beginnings…”

  1. hehehe, I’m in the lose weight, be healthy bag of resolutions, have even traded services for health and fitness training to get me kick started!

  2. Mine is to breathe. Just breathe. My son’s is good posture. Simple but worthy!

  3. i wake with a smile, breathe in good energy be open to what the day has to offer and most importantly dont sweat the small stuff. happy 2010

  4. My 2010 resolution is to be more generous. Generosity is a trait I admire in my husband, so I’ve decided to join him. I guess we’re off to a good start: with only seven days into the new year: we’ve donated $500 to Oxfam and organised a night’s accommodation at Crown Towers for Moira Kelly whom most would know as the lady who was responsible for bringing co-joined twins Krishna & Trishna into Australia for their life-changing separation operation. Mark says giving makes him feel good and I agree.

  5. The change I have made in myself as of the start of this year is to be a more conscious parent. I will spend more time with my beautiful little girl simply playing… speaking of which… I must do that right now!

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