Logic has no place so tell your boss to take a hike

I have had an epiphany. I have recently discovered the key to obtaining success in life. That is, to ignore all logic and trust every ounce of intuition.  Hopefully the title of the post has captured your attention, now let me explain to you what I mean before I get asked if I am involved in a cult.

Logic is important, I agree.  If we did not use our left brain then I am sure many of us would have told our past employers to jam it years ago. Am I correct? To base every decision on pure emotion is not a good thing because we could make many terrible decisions in the heat of the moment and regret it later on.

However, I believe that thinking with the left hand side of your brain too often can hinder your ability to become really successful in life and prevent you from realising your full potential.  It can also prevent you from really putting yourself out there and achieving things that you will only ever continue to dream about.   And whether we like it or not, it is fear itself that is holding so many of us back from truly living the life of our dreams.  The fear to try something new, being too afraid to quit that miserable job and retrain in a different field or too scared to leave an unhappy relationship or marriage because it just seems too comfortable not to.

I believe many people think they happy but really they are not. They think they are content but really they are deluding themselves. What they consider to be happiness is in fact security. At the risk of sounding blunt, I believe living a life based on security is a sign of weakness.

Who I am to be writing and lecturing you on how to live your life and dare you to question whether you are living your life in fear, you may ask? No, I am not a qualified life coach, psychologist or any other professional of the kind. But do I need to be? I feel a sense of entitlement and worthiness to tell you because I have plenty of life experience to share and support my views. Now, feeling ENTITLED and WORTHY is a whole other topic I will leave for another day. Don’t even get me started on that. But back to thinking with our logic brain, or not as I am suggesting.


Or at least I am going to try my very best not to. That is not to say that I will magically transform overnight. But I am now taking steps each day to achieving everything I desire into my life no matter what it is. I certainly know it won’t be easy but I do know it can be done.

I have been an extremely shy person and have lacked confidence most of my life.  And in the last month or so, this has really hit home to me. It has held me back from really putting myself out there and achieving things, especially when it came to my career and social situations.  People have been quick to make assumptions that I am either a snob or I am weird. While I am now beginning to gain more confidence in my life, I still have a long way to go but now I truly believe that I have NOTHING to be afraid of anymore.

If you are going to think – think BIG, says Donald Trump. I have written a list of affirmations and declarations for 2010 and beyond so BIG, it makes Mount Everest look like Ben Nevis. But if I allow my logic brain to analyse it, it will say things such as “how can you afford to do that”, “that is unrealistic” etc. Therefore I am simply stating and declaring them and then handing it over to the UNIVERSE.  I believe I will be shown a way to achieve all the things I want and desire and that involves having BELIEF. I will also get back to this topic in the near future.

I believe that the downfall people often make is to try too hard and over-analyse a situation.  Many people believe that life has to be about putting in lots of effort and hard work but the truth is, it’s so much simpler than that.  The truth is, it’s very easy but so many of us have grown up with embedded beliefs that to get anywhere in life, you must always be working and putting in the hard yards. Yes of course to be successful you do need to put in effort and work but its allowing the universe to inspire you what action to take. There does need to be a balance of logic and emotion. Of course we cannot make every decision based on emotion alone. It’s important to find the right balance between emotion or intuition and logic because as I mentioned above, many of us would have told our bosses to bugger off by now.  I truly believe the key is to understand WHAT your desire is and to leave it at that.  The HOW does not concern you at all. Don’t think about how.

I was thinking to myself the other day that I never put any real thought or strategy to come up with my business name. My logic was telling me that if I am serious about starting and managing my own business then I would need to put in much more effort than I did to come up with the name for my business. For a moment I felt like I was cheating because I didn’t sit there for hours on end thinking of a business name.  But the business name simply came to me and then I thought why should there be a strategy or plan behind it? I just followed my intuition. I don’t believe logic has to play a part in everything – it just felt right. So I am simply going with it.

Everybody deserves to be happy NOW and to start taking small steps each day to achieve this.  Don’t work too hard or put in too much effort.  It is much simpler than this.  Just declare your intentions, believe you will receive and you WILL attract everything you desire – THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO. Anything more than this, you are trying too hard and this should be your mental indicator that you are becoming off track.

So in 2010 I have some big plans and goals.  After reading many books and researching some of the most successful people in the world, it seems there is a common pattern.  To have a burning desire and to fully believe with no hesitation you will achieve whatever it is you want in life.  That is, not to worry or think about HOW you will be provided with your desires.  The only effort you are required to do is to focus on WHAT you desire. How easy is that? When your logical side begins to talk to you, ignore it.

My logic brain is talking to me right now suggesting I should get a good friend to read this post before I publish it, fearing it may come across as arrogant and boastful. I am going to ignore the fear and take a risk. The risk is to provide a different style of blog post from those I have previously written. To spice things up a bit.

Have I gone too far now? Am I preaching beyond myself?  Well leave a comment and you be the judge!

~ by Shae on January 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “Logic has no place so tell your boss to take a hike”

  1. Shae I love your honesty in this post. It is raw and gutsy, thought provoking and controversial for some. It’s exactly the type of post that will ‘spice’ things up a bit and get a reaction (either good or bad), But no matter what the responses are, remember that YOU believe in this and that is what is important. It is YOUR truth and no-one can tell you you are wrong, they can only decide to think differently, and that is ok too. Keep being FEARLESS and putting yourself out there. You are right, you really have NOTHING to be afraid of.

    Keep the honesty and rawness going. These posts will help bring about interest and debate, and it will teach you a great deal about your blogging too.

    I LOVE the title!

    Great work Shae 🙂

  2. Definitely bold and fearless and I congratulate you for that. I found this a very interesting read and it shows how you have already come so far. I look forward to reading your other entries!

  3. What I learn on Sunday’s, belief is faith in action.Seeing and believing the end result will make it happen. My faith is huge so my results are huge.
    Something I know is the devil works on your fears to stop you getting ahead. All the negative’s that pop into your head is him, shutting you down. I’m not any good etc.
    My reaction is to shut that down. I scream inside an shout no way will you have any authority over me and bang it’s gone. I always seek wise council about something major, but don’t let anything stop you.
    If it doesn’t fall into place and becomes to hard then it could be the wrong time or the wrong way of doing it.
    2010 is a year that people will be atonished at what will happen in my life. I believe that all things will come into line and things will happen at jet speed.
    Always do things with an honest heart and mind. Nothing holds you back in this life only what the devil makes you think about yourself. ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU ARE WORTHY.
    And all things work together for your good, even those things that hurt a little now will benefit you later.
    Bless you. Bronie

  4. Great read Shae even for a left brained thinker like me 😉 Some very interesting issues raised. You have definitely been more confident recently which is great, well done!

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