Metaphysical meaning or just plain crap?

My knees have been very painful lately.  I have had a lot of tension in my knees and at times I have not been able to bend or move them.  The strange thing is the pain has been alternating between knees. The pain also comes and goes therefore just when I think my knees feel normal, I would experience more pain in one of my knees.

I am a regular runner but I have not had any knee problems in the past. There has been a couple of times I have not been able to go for a run because of the pain in my knees however when there has been no pain, I have been able to run. I have also been training for my upcoming OXFAM trail walk but despite this I do not believe I have caused any injury to my knees.  As I said above, the pain comes and goes and on one occasion my knees felt fine for a week before the pain returned.

Last week, as I was walking out of a car park to meet some friends for dinner, one of my friends, who had arrived early, saw me limping across the road through the window where she was sitting. When I got inside she asked me what was wrong and I explained that my knees have been very sore but the pain has been alternating between legs.  My friend is very spiritual and studies metaphysics and she told me that this means I am afraid to move forward. I said that I am unsure of what I am afraid of because I believe I have been the most proactive I have even been. She provided me with a hypothetical example.  If she was to provide me four new clients, which means I have to give up my full-time job, how would I feel? I said I am not ready to give up my day job just yet because I am still learning the craft of becoming a very competent digital marketer and SEO web content writer, which are my career objectives. She believes this is the reason why my knees have been sore during this last month. That is, I am afraid to let go and go forth and conquer.

While I am not convinced that is the reason why my knees have been sore, it got me thinking. I am also interested in metaphysics and I do believe that if your emotions are out of sync then this can cause the physical body to suffer. It would be easy to rationalise these associations as nothing more than quaint notions inherited from less scientific times, however I have come to understand the complex connections between our emotions and our physical bodies.

My spiritual friend told me to hold one knee in my hand and ask it why it has been so painful. I did exactly this. I asked my knee what was wrong. I cannot say it provided me with an answer however I did wake up the next morning with no sign of any pain in my knees. It has almost been two weeks and I can honestly tell you I have not experienced any more pain in my knees.

As I do, I searched on Google to find out if there is any metaphysical meaning why my knees were sore. According to Canadian writer Lise Bourbeau, author of Your body’s telling you: Love Yourself! she came up with the following metaphysical definitions about the knees:

The knee is the articulation point of the leg, responsible for mobility and flexibility. It carries the full weight of the body when standing, walking, running and bending; it plays a primary role in standing from a sitting position, going up and down stairs or simply lifting. The following reference pertains to any problems inhibiting the natural movement of the knee and to pain in the knee joint.

Knee pain, stiffness or inflexibility reflects inflexibility in your perception of the future. It occurs more often in those with an arrogant or stubborn personality, who are unable to bend to new ideas or to the ideas of others. An inflexible attitude keeps you from finding easier ways to face your future and guarantees dis-ease in going forward physically and psychologically. Refer to OSTEOARTHRITIS or RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS as appropriate.

Your body is providing a painful reminder that you are not as flexible as you want to believe. Remember that your body will warn you of things you are not conscious of. You don’t have to fear losing control by bending to the will of others or accepting new ideas. Allow yourself the flexibility to see things from another perspective. You have misinterpreted bending to mean “on your knees in submission.” You may have some latent fear of being too flexible related to one of your parents. Address this and realize that you are distinctly different from either of them and, although the apple may not fall far from the tree, your life is your own. It doesn’t hurt, however, to be a little flexible and accept some help once in awhile from those who care.

Perhaps there is some merit in what my spiritual friend said. According to the emotional block stated above, I possess an inflexible attitude, which is preventing me from finding easier ways to deal with my future. I need to manage this. I do consider myself to be open-minded however I have certainly been feeling very overwhelmed lately. I get overwhelmed very easily and this is due to information overload and trying to balance the demands of my full time job with that of establishing my digital communication business. On top of this I am also studying. I do believe my feelings of overwhelmedness can prevent me from staying focused and I tend to become distracted on things that are less deserving. In fact, I hope my readers do not consider I am getting off track now.

I decided to put the metaphysical theory to the test. I did a reading using my aromatherapy insight cards by Jennifer Jefferies (ND) and I asked why my knees have been sore lately. These cards are a practical tool to help tap into your intuition and develop your emotional awareness. I drew the Cedarwood card, which means courage. The metaphysical benefits of Cedarwood is helping you through the toughest situations in life by giving you the willpower, focus and persistence to keep going. Access your courage and get what you want out of life and in business (think we are onto something here). Recognise negative situations and change them into learning experiences.  You are the one in control. Tap into your courage and regain control over, and responsibility for your life.

I believe there is some merit about the metaphysical world. What do you think?

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~ by Shae on February 16, 2010.

9 Responses to “Metaphysical meaning or just plain crap?”

  1. I am glad that you gave yourself a reading… No-one can accurately give you an interpretation of your physical problem bar your intuition. Asking your knees was the first step in the healing…. If, in a mediative state, you see or hear nothing ask again.. you may receive a message in a clear form in time… patience and practice to see and hear is key. Going within to understand and align with yourself is the answer…which as I see you came to in the end… I liked reading how your thoughts brought you to your friend directing you to this path. I would like to recommend an author, her name is Shakti Gawain. Her book, Living in the Light, will also be an aid.

    An abundance of blessings to you..xx

  2. I too have the benefit of a spiritual friend (everyone needs one) who points out the metaphysical meaning of my ills and ails. I believe that our physical and mental health are completely connected. Until we identify what ails us mentally we can’t be cured physically.

  3. Thanks for this! Whenever something off happens, I wonder what am I doing wrong spiritually. I was in a recent bike accident and was hoping to be walking by now, so I did a google search for “spiritual meaning of lack of mobility” and found your site. I tried your method of putting my hand on my lower back and asking what’s wrong. I started crying (which I haven’t done in mos.) over something unrelated and after 15 min. tried to walk and found my back to be much less stiff, i.e. making progress. Once again, thank you for posting this!!!

    • Hello JustMe. Thanks for your comment. I am so glad you tried the method of putting your hand to your knee and asked what was wrong. There is a lot to be said for the metaphysical meaning, which is greatly underestimated by many people.
      Thanks for reading this post and thankyou for your comment!!

  4. this was very helpful thank you 🙂

  5. I love ur wEbsite

  6. Thank god for me finding this! My knees have been unusually painful for a few weeks. I didn’t understand why because I’m very active, then being a spiritual person, it occurred to me there may be another reason for the pain.

    You’ve highlighted and clarified a few things for me in this post so thank you 😊

    I’m going to do what you did and ask my knees why they hurt and then give myself a reading.

    Thank you! I hope your pain stays away!

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